Passing by Dr. Dremo’s…

I turned in my article on the Dr. Dremo’s closing auction just a couple days ago which I felt was a good way to express my feelings about the place and pay it a good final tribute. I really never talked about my feelings toward Dr. Dremo’s because I didn’t need to: The people I interviewed pretty much said it for me, that Dr. Dremo’s was a special institution in the neighborhood and they’re sorry to see it go.

Ever since I turned 21, I have tried going to bars here and there not because I like to drink but because of the social opportunities you find there. Many of them I found to be inhospitable. I thought I might find something like the TV show Cheers where patrons become friends over time and everyone “knows your name,” but I found bartenders to be uninviting unless you conisistently ordered a lot of alcohol, left a big enough tip, and didn’t bother the other guests.

I worked at AMC Courthouse the summer when I was 22, and Dr. Dremo’s was located right across the street from where I worked. I started stopping in and I found something different there. The bartenders were friendly and so were the people. Dremo’s was a place where I randomly met people and didn’t need to have know them where I came in. More importantly, I didn’t need to randomly meet people, because I would usually bump into someone from high school, or one of the two colleges I went to because that’s where down-to-earth people who grew up in the area liked to go to. The atmosphere at Dr. Dremo’s sent the message of “relax, have a good time” rather than “buy our beer” and that made all the difference.

I bought an item at the auction even though I didn’t need one, just to say thanks. Dremo’s was kind of a home to me and those places are rare.


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