What exactly does Booz Allen Hamilton do?

Today on the taking potshots about employers I know next to nothing about:

I don’t know much about Booz Allen Hamilton, except it might have been smart if they had Mr.
Booz agree to have his name appear 2nd or 3rd in the order of the company name because a) when someone says in shorthand I work for “booz,” it sounds like they’re an alcoholic and b) perhaps, you could get a better website than www.bah.com. Oh please tell me there’s someone who’s last name is Humbug using the company’s server for his website, with a url of bah.com/humbug.html. Booz Allen Hamilton is an incredibly large empire of consultants. I find that funny considering many of the people they hire are young just out of college types. When I think of consultants, I think of a wizened old man or maybe someone like Deep Throat, not a guy just out of college who probably doesn’t remember most of what he just learned.

I seriously would like to know how most of the consultants are more qualified than the people they’re consulting and if that’s not a good enough explanation for the mind-numbing bureaucratic slowdown that plagues Washington: Too many consultants not enough doers.

Disclaimer: I know pretty much nothing about Booz Allen Hamilton, so don’t take this blog entry seriously as a hard-hitting expose on that company.

OK: tune in next week when I attack Freddie Mac, which I originally thought for a very long time was a Fast Food Chain


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  1. As a former “Boozer”, I can answer your question: they know nothing more than the people for whom they are “consulting.” The only difference is that they probably have a degree from some impressive university that looks good on paper when BAH is trying to get a contract, and they’ve been trained to speak “consultant-ese”: “The supply chain management system provides deep lateral analysis for the AWAC’s at SEC DEF on a firmly robust platform.” Got that? If you do, you can be a consultant, too. Basically, they get paid to put into forty words what anyone with a high school diploma can say in ten. It just sounds so high-level that no one else can figure out what they’re saying, but they’re too embarrassed to admit it, so they pay millions of dollars for it because it sounds so intelligent.

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