Why am I supposed to root for college teams like Maryland and Georgetown?

I feel like the Washington Post Sports section wants me to feel sad if Maryland, Georgetown or any other local college team isn’t doing well, and elated if they do do well. Michael Wilbon’s columns say things along the lines of, “This year is a great year for us in the D.C. area. Maryland, GW, and Georgetown are having great basketball years,” when I really don’t see those colleges as of concern to me. I surely can got onboard a winning streak from a Washington professional team like the Capitals or Wizards because I’m a Washingtonian, but am I supposed to be rooting for local college teams as well? Is that the general notion?

I have no affiliation with colleges like Georgetown and Maryland and to be honest, I actively dislike some of them. I take grad courses at Mason, so I’m very much rooting for them, and I took piano lessons at GWU and attended the open jazz sessions so I like them as well, and that’s about it.

I suppose some counterarguments for not caring about local college teams are that:
-You would think that I would naturally form friendships with people from every college over time, which is partially true but not too much
-If and when one of these schools wins big (like Georgetown last year) the town will go wild and I’m free to partake in the enjoyment.


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  1. I think you should move out of the area!

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