Spam Baiting

Next time you see one of those messages in your in-box from someone in Africa who’s asking for your credit card information so you can help them with their crippling disease or project in Africa, why not get creative with them rather than deleting it? There are some people who have done just that with hillarious results:

The first person, John Cheese, is a comedy writer who decided to try to respond to scammers and see how bizarre he can make the email exchanges before the other person catches on (without ever giving away so much as an address). He has done this multiple times and posted his e-mail exchanges in multiple places. Here’s a sample:

The second person is a self-proclaimed spam baiter who attempts to get spammers to waste as much of their time on possible so theoretically they’re scamming less people. This particular person convinced a scammer in nigeria that he is in charge of a fund that gives scholarship money to people who can reproduce samples from american and british tv, and convinced two people in Nigeria to act out a monty python sketch for him:



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