An appreciation for the metro

By Orrin

If you’re ever thinking to yourself as you travel up the escalator at Rosslyn, “man, this escalator is so big, it’s probably the biggest in the world. Well, it actually was the biggest in the Western hemisphere at one point, so not that far off.

Few people might not realize that our metro is one of the newer and better systems in the country. New York, Chicago, and Boston’s systems have been around for over a century (Boston Metro’s website claims that their system has been around since 1651, in an unrealistic manner of speaking) and it creates far more problems than it does a sense of historic appreciation. New York is currently struggling with overcapacity on the Upper East side, Boston juggles multiple types of trains all within one system in a fairly messy arrangements, and Chicago has to spend a lot on repairs and renovation.

The Washington Metro is safe, clean, efficient and designed so that it didn’t interfere too much with existing development (i.e. most of it is below ground or nestled between highways).

The rush hours can get overcrowded and they should bring in trains more frequently late at night, but there’s a lot to appreciate about the metro as well.


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