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Pollen and the Act of Living
April 27, 2007


(n.)- The fertilizing element of flowering plants; Evil in powdered, yellow form. Noiseless killer of the innocent and undeserving. Destroyer of all outdoor activities, a restful nights sleep, social lives, and general glee.

(adj.) – Hateful, vile, odious. Ungodly, the opposite of all things pure and/or honorable; objectionable to the nth degree.

(v.) – Punch, pummel, repeatedly strike while a victim is down and crying; to eradicate an existence.

Was anyone else naively fooled into thinking that, because they made it through almost all of April with little more than a sore throat, that their pollen allergies had somehow, in a miraculous act of God, jumped ship? Then, this week, did you also wake up to the horrifying visual representative of a Buttercup yellow crayon having been sharpened all over the street, your car, and nature?

Yeah, me too.