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It’s Easier Being Green Than Previously Assumed
March 21, 2007

I hate to admit that I have a tendency to be wasteful. While I take a somewhat sick comfort in not being alone, I’ve been convinced more than any past year to take a walk on the hippy side. Earth Day is on April 22nd, and every magazine I receive, from Cosmo to Shape, has dedicated itself to providing facts on becoming what they universally refer to as “green.”

It appears that green is this spring’s hottest shade. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to transform yourself painlessly into a greener you. Small fixes to our every day routines can create positive change. According to the Oberlin College Recycling Program website, these small changes make all the difference. The website states that:

  • Turning off the water faucet when brushing your teeth can save 9 gallons of water every time you brush
  • Lowering your thermostat by one degree in the winter and raising it one degree in the summer can save as much as 3% of the energy your furnace uses
  • Recycling paper at the office saves 380 gallons of oil per ton of recycled paper
  • Using cold water setting on your washing machine and dish washer saves as much as 90% of the energy consumed by washing machines and 80% of the energy used by dishwashers
  • Recycling an aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV set for three hours
  • Drinking out of a reusable glass cuts down on the 2.5 million plastic bottles Americans go through every year
  • Canceling or recycling the junk mail Americans receive in one day could save enough energy to heat 250,000 homes
  • Carpooling or using the Metro and Metro buses is causes less traffic and is good for both the environment and your sanity. Most cars on U.S. roads carry only one person. We have so much extra room in our 140 million cars that everyone in Western Europe could ride with us.
  • Find your local recycling center at and make a difference!