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I saw Greg Proops at the D.C. Improv
July 5, 2007

I noticed Kate Paul had a video on Greg Proops and I wanted to add that I actually saw him at the DC Improv. Watching Greg Proops perform was a very unique experience and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a comic mix his own political views so effectively into his act and that says a lot since so many politicians like to be politicians. Anyway, Greg’s style consists of being very aggressive toward the audience with his jokes and those who don’t get them. When the crowd didn’t laugh at a joke about George Clinton, he spent the night trying to explain that George Clinton is not Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton or DeWitt Clinton. He also does impressions, makes sound effects, and all that stuff that comics usually do. One thing that I might say is Greg’s trademark, though, is how to compliment his political views with self-deprecating wit, he does an impression of the audience saying something like “Why is this guy yelling at us? We like the retard for making us feel superior” and then he responds and carries on a conversation with himself. You have to be there to see it, I guess.

As usual, he talked about his thoughts on our city. He asked did anyone go to the folk life festival? I went but not by choice. I was assaulted by some Irish culture on my way over here” He thought it was ridiculous that the Northern Ireland stand had food to offer because the meals they cook are what you usually throw at animals who are chasing you (or something like that, I’m trying to paraphrase). I also compliment him on avoiding the low road by making fun of the Washington and not through pointing out its phallus symbolism. Instead, he said “who’s idea was it to commemorate our first president with a bizarre Egyptian Obelisk? Are we in some sort of secret cabal?” and riffed on that a little.

He integrated a lot of political humor into his speech which he did with such gravitas that you can’t help but feel persuaded by him, a little. He closed out his act with comic reenactments of Clinton’s testimony to the grand jury that got him impeached and Dick Cheney’s hunting accident and compared the two in a killer closing line.