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NBA Finals: Is this Really What We Wanted to See
June 11, 2007

I think its fair to say that the NBA offices needed LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers to make the NBA finals.
James is one of the most dominant players in the whole league, but at the same time, we must remember that the Cavaliers play in the Eastern Conference. After only one half of basketball last night in game two of the NBA finals, it was easy to see that the Cavaliers did not belong in the NBA finals with such a dominant Western conference team such as the Spurs. The Spurs won game two by twelve points, but the score does not do the massacre that took place any justice. at the half the Spurs had a 26 point lead, and LeBron James had only 6 points. the series is now 2-0 in favor of San Antonio.
James’s Cavaliers got to the finals by defeating the Detroit Pistons in six games. even though they won the series, i still believe the Cavaliers don’t belong in the finals. i believe this so much that i think the league should actually have removed them from the finals before game one in favor of at least 3 other Western Conference teams.
After watching just one half of game two, it was so easy to see the difference in the skill level of the Eastern Conference and the Western conference. The Spurs worked the ball around, found open shots, penetrated, rebounded, and shut down the Cav’s best player. Cleveland on the other hand committed turnovers, rushed shots, drove into traffic, and failed to connect of easy free-throws. I think i speak for allot of NBA fans when i say that the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA’s best regular season team, who lost to 8 seed Golden State in the first round, should still play in the finals over the cavaliers.
Look back to January for this years all-star game. The western conference won by over thirty points.
Yes, LeBron James has the potential to possibly be the next Jordan, but his team does not deserve the be in the NBA finals, maybe next year, but definitely not this year. However, i am not even sure if any Eastern Conference team deserves to be in the finals, maybe the Pistons, but that’s just a maybe. I think the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks are much more deserving to get a free pass to the finals, just because of the way they played in the regular season.