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The Specificities of Our Demise/Party: An Account of Tyson’s Corner
March 19, 2007

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) spokeswoman, Joan Morris, describes the looming Tyson’s Corner construction to “having a huge party in your house as you’re renovating it at the same time” (Washington Post, 27 January 07). For those of you who don’t already know; an above ground Metrorail, two highway ramps, and an additional eight towers near Tyson’s Corner Center are all coming to Tyson’s and VDOT is welcoming them with open arms and a little confetti. And by “confetti” I mean “a decade of passionate construction”.

Personally, I’m pumped.

To me, sitting in the impending 8 lanes of traffic really does seem like quite the shindig. In fact, until a recent job switch, I had been partaking in another form of merrymaking known as the 395 N exit that runs along Gravelly Point. Of course, this is just one lane, and generally taxis are involved, so compared to the upcoming 10-year-planned Festival of Dirt and Pipe that Fairfax County is about to throw right smack in the middle of one of the nation’s largest commercial areas, 395 is just a child’s plaything.

I’ve totally missed sitting in traffic every. single. morning for an hour and a half while I commuted from Braddock Rd. to L’Efant Plaza (that’s a 20 min. commute if no other cars are involved). Since gaining employment off of Rt. 7 my days have started out incorrectly. I never throw my hands in the air or sucker punch my dashboard anymore. I don’t have one-sided conversations with other commuters about their turn signals. I don’t see men in sports coats, sitting in their Volvos, reading the Sports section while “driving”. Now there’s hope for Tyson’s and for me. We’re throwing a house party and according to the project’s communication plan; everyone from DC to West Virginia to Pennsylvania is invited. Everyone will be talking about “that party at Tyson’s” for YEARS.