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10 "Hidden" Power Players in Washington
October 17, 2007

If you really want to familiarize yourself with the Washington vibe, you should pick up a copy of The Washingtonian. It incorporates the mindset of this city really well, I think.

Anyway, this month’s issue is a great one. It lists 150 power players in Washington and dissects influential people in the District ranging from talk show hosts to school principals to non-profit directors.

One interesting section I found was “Hidden Power”:

This part profiled ten people you may not know about who can change your life.

These include:

1. Mike Lunsford-Head of transportation for Loudoun County schools and most importantly, determines whether to call of school when it snows or not

2. Ann Armao-An editorial writer for the Washington Post, she focuses on District affairs and her endorsement in a local election is crucial

3. Charlotte Nelsen-Admissions director of Potomac School in McLean: One of the metropolitan area’s premiere boarding schools

4. Julie Rogers-President of the Agnes E Meyer Foundation which gave away $8.6 million dollars in grants last year

5. Norma Kaplan-Head of Arlington County’s Cultural Affairs Division whose part of a movement to help bring the arts scene to the suburbs

6. James Bennett-Runs the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority which operates the two major airports in the area

7. Seth Hurwitz-Owner of the very popular music venue the 9:30 Club

8. Bernie Prince and Ann Yonkers-Originally started a farmers market in Dupont Circle 10 years ago. Now they operate several in the area through a nonprofit group: Freshfarm markets.

9. Allen Lew-He oversaw the construction of the New Washington Convention Center and future projects include the baseball stadium rising along Anacostia River as well as several rundown school buildings in D.C.

10. Nels Olson-Managing director for a job placement agency for executives. His firm is much like a temping agency but only for higher-ups.