Gold in Northern Virginia
June 4, 2008

If your head is filled with excitement from National Treasure 2, Indiana Jones, and the annual Washington Post treasure hunt that took place a couple weeks ago, how about an actual treasure hunt.

In 1755, legend has it that General Edward “I Was a Lousy General but at Least a Major East-West Highway in Northern Virginia is Named After Me” Braddock was seeking to lighten his load as his regiment ran into some clay so he buried two canons filled with gold in hopes that he would recover them on his way back. Braddock died in battle (because he was an ill-equipped to deal with Indians)  and so did most of his troops, so they never recovered it on their way back. One of the people who managed to survive, was actually George Washington. Nevertheless, I’m writing an article on this so I don’t want to give too much away, but here are a couple links to the legend of Braddock’s road, including one that heavily disputes the veracity of the claim.


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