The Kansas Jayhawks come to D.C.
June 4, 2008

The Kansas Jayhawks who won this year’s national basketball championship by a hair, came to D.C. tonight and will be in town for two days. How do I know this? Pure coincidence, I was at my local gym which happens to be located in the Key Bridge Marriott, and lo and behold, a large crowd of people with Kansas paraphernalia was hanging around in the lobby. Some of the people in this party were very tall, and then it struck me that these people might be the basketball team itself. I then saw Russell Robinson, the point guard of the championship team walking down and recognized him fairly quickly.

This is one of those times where I should make it a point to always have a camera and notepad on hand but I didn’t have either, unfortunately, so I just shook a couple of their hands and thanked them for helping me do well in my pool this year. I might go tomorrow with a camera and try to capture these guys on camera if that doesn’t bother them too much.

The Jayhawks are in town to meet the President in the White House. It is the custom of President Bush to invite every collegiate champion team, and every professional sports team to  the white house for a photo op and meet-and-greet. If you’re follow-up question to reading this sentence is what constitutes a professional sport? I know that Major League Baseball, Football, and Basketball champions get to meet the president. Since half the hockey teams are Canadian, I’m not sure if NHL championship teams do the standard meet-and-greet, and I’m not sure about MLS. I imagine if he didn’t meet with the WNBA champions, it would spark controvoursey. Perhaps, someone could enlighten me on this.