Paris Is Free, Thank The Lord, Paris Is Free

So Paris Hilton is finally out of jail, i mean i couldn’t take the last three weeks. Not being able to see her face and skeleton-like physique on every tabloid and magazine has made me die a little on the inside. NOT

Last night i flipped through the TV and landed on Access Hollywood, and it seemed like they were doing an all day special on Paris’ release. They had footage of Paris leaving the jail and running to her parents in their all black Escalade. The sad thing is, is that Paris actually looked good.

She was wearing normal jeans, and had little to no make up on and her hair was in pigtails. It also looked like she had actually eaten a meal during her stay in prison because i could no longer see the blood flowing down her veins.

She looked actually healthy, which made her seem allot more attractive than her usual Lord Skeletor look. Once Paris left the jail, paparazzi came out of the wood works. I’m talking like two hundred paparazzi chase her car down, and at every stop light, cars would block their car from moving so the paparazzi could get more pics of the newly-free Paris.

I could care less that Paris Hilton is out of jail. I could care less that Paris Hilton went to jail. Why does she command so much attention? she is so thin she is sickly-looking, her head is top-heavy because of all the make up she wears, and her vocabulary hasn’t even reach double digits yet. Do we really show her all this attention just because she is rich?


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